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Labor disputes

The labor complaints investigation service has been developed through an integrated system that works remotely without the customer having to visit any of the service centers. The customer can submit the complaint through various service channels such as the website, the smart app or the Labor Claims and Consultation Center. The data and information related to the complaint will be collected and the request will be forwarded to the Smart Legal Researcher at the Department who will review the request and make a decision to reach an amicable settlement. If this is not possible, the case is forwarded to the competent courts.

In this context, the ministry activated the innovative concept of accelerators to develop labor relation services. Its efforts helped the UAE secure the first place worldwide for the second successive year in the labor disputes index by protecting and guaranteeing the rights of more than 5 million workers of various nationalities. The ministry's efforts included:

  • Participating in the second batch of government accelerators in co-operation with Dubai labor courts and representatives of employers and workers through six qualitative initiatives to reduce the period of settling labor complaints in Dubai to 10 days instead of 30 days.
  • Co-operating with the Abu Dhabi Labor Court on the 'One Day Court Initiative' to abolish the system of conciliation and reconciliation committees and refer the dispute to the labor court directly.
  • The labor protection system has been introduced as an alternative to the bank guarantee in partnership with the insurance complex.

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