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New license issuance for brokerage agency/ temporary recruitment

  • Service Description

    It is a service provided by the Ministry to natural or corporate persons wishing to issue/extract new license for: • Brokerage agency “mediate between employees and employers or their PROs and to negotiate contractual and employment conditions on their behalf, whether this leads to a work relation or otherwise, and without the agency becoming a party to such work relation that may arise out of such brokerage. This activity shall include collecting and keeping databases, data about workers, available job opportunities, employment applications and any relevant information in order to be put at the disposal of a party having an interest therein.” • Temporary recruitment agency “recruiting a labour to be available for a third party (User) whether the third party was a natural or corporate person, in order to perform a job or service under supervision and the management of the User. In this case, the agency becomes an Employer with direct business-relationship with the concerned labour. The labour can be recruited from either from outside or inside the country.”"

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures

    1. Applications of new agency licenses shall be printed at the service centers "Tas'heel", or through establishments participating in the Ministry's e-forms program
    2. Applications shall be transferred electronically to the Ministry's database for verification and making sure that all conditions and required documents are satisfied
    3. In case of fulfilling the conditions and documents, the transaction will be executed. The applicant can obtain the approval notice and number by visiting the Ministry's website:
    4. The applicant shall pay the prescribed fees at the service centers "Tas'heel", or through establishments participating in the Ministry's e-forms program.
    5. If there is something missing, the applicant shall be notified thereof to complete them by following the above-mentioned steps
  • Required Documents

    1. A copy of the applicant's valid passport
    2. A copy of the family book
    3. A copy of the ID card
    4. Certificate of good conduct or rehabilitation
    5. A copy of the commercial name booking for the new trade license
    6. Written and signed acknowledgment from the applicant's
    7. A sketch/ illustration of establishment location
  • Terms And Conditions

    1. In case of natural person, the applicant must be 21 and above with full capacity and be a UAE national. All company or companies partners who are applying for this license must be UAE national
    2. The natural person or any partners in corporate bodies shall not be convicted of a crime of dishonesty, breach of trust, a crime of human trafficking or any of those crimes stipulated in the law regulating labour relations or its implementing decrees. unless he/she is rehabilitated after the issuance of a judgment restricting his/her freedom or after the lapse of one year from the date of issuing a judgment imposing a fine on him/her.
    3. Throughout the license's validity period, the applicant shall submit to the Ministry a bank guarantee which value shall not be less than three hundred thousand dirhams in case of the brokerage activities, and one million dirhams in case of temporary recruitment activities. The bank guarantee must be renewed automatically. The Ministry may allocate all or some of this guarantee, as prescribed in this article, to pay any amounts that the agency shall pay due to its failure to perform the obligations under the provisions of this law and to comply with instructions and decrees issued thereunder
    4. The applicant shall have a head office with a clear address, at which the agency will carry on its activities. Such head office shall be licensed for that purpose and shall satisfy those standards specified by the executive instructions and procedures issued under this decree. The agency may not practice its activity except through such head office
    5. The applicant shall submit a written undertaking that no change, by either addition or withdrawal, will be made to partners, except after obtaining a written consent from the Ministry
    6. The agency shall hire an adequate number of administrative employees and supervisors who have suitable experience in their field of work
    7. An agency manager must be assigned who is a UAE national and with a high school degree at least. Natural persons who apply for license are an exception, as he/she can be the agency manager, as long as there is a high school degree and registered as a manager in the Ministry of Labour and the General Pensions Authority or Abu Dhabi Pensions Fund
    8. The agency authorized signatory must fulfill the same conditions of the agency manager
    9. The applicant shall pay the legally prescribed fees once the license to practice the requested activity is initially approved
    10. The applicant shall not own or have a share in an establishment which frequently failed to pay the workers' wages in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Ministry, have fictitious establishments or materially breach the prescribed conditions of labour housing
  • Timing

  • Payment

    • Application for issuing a brokerage agency license AED 50,000 – Bank guarantee AED 300,000
    • Application for issuing a temporary recruitment agency license AED 100,000 – Bank guarantee AED 1,000,000

  • Relation of service with other service

    Department of Economic Development - Municipalities

  • Service Limitation


  • Working Hours

    Service Center (Tas'heel)

    From Saturday to Thursday
    From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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