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Monday, February 25, 2019

850 Emirati university students take part in day 1 of Tawteen 360 in Fujairah

As many as 850 male and female Emiratis from various universities and 23 private institutions, took part in day one of the ‘Tawteen 360 Forum’ for students, which kicked off on Monday in the Al Bait Mitwahid hall in Fujairah.

As many as 850 male and female Emiratis from various universities and 23 private institutions, took part in day one of the ‘Tawteen 360 Forum’ for students, which kicked off on Monday in the Al Bait Mitwahid hall in Fujairah.

Organized the Ministry of Human Resources, the three-day forum comes as part of a national program for career guidance and counselling that was launched by the Ministry as part of a series of policies and programs to increase Emiratization in the private sectorl.

Fatima Al Houti, Acting Deputy Undersecretary of Human Resources Development at MoHRE, said: “The ‘Tawteen 360 Forum’ aims to increase awareness amongst students and youth regarding the importance of working in the private sector and the advantages it offers them. In addition to providing them with career counselling within this strategic sector.”

She added that the purpose of the Forum is to also shine a light on national initiatives and institutional programs that aim to support the objectives of the national Emiratization agenda, and increase awareness of the centers that support entrepreneurial projects, including facilities and enablers that target young Emiratis.

Al Houti explained that organizing the Forum in Fujairah comes as part of the Ministry’s commitment to increasing the involvement of Emiratis across the UAE in the ‘Tawteen 360’ initative.

She elaborated that the Forum comprises a number of events, activities and training sessions to prepare participating students and enable them to identify requirements of future jobs. The event also educates participants about the expertise and skills required by the private sector job market, in order to help them anticipate future job market and plan their careers accordingly.

“The Forum comprises 36 awareness, educational and training programs, including 10 career counselling workshops, 15 training sessions, and 11 awareness and motivation lectures, which were presented by 12 speakers, and 11 counsellors and coaches from the private sector,” added Al Houti.

On day one, students received a booklet titled “Student Passport”, which contained information about the six phases that will be highlighted during the Forum. They also received participation cards.

Students were able to identify their career paths during career guidance workshops, which helped them explore their job preferences through self-assessments, and short interviews conducted by career counsellors.

Participating students were given the opportunity to explore and increase their abilities for self-employment, as well as entrepreneurial skills through the Century Skills methodology, while highlighting key tools to help students find suitable opportunities. In addition, they took part in training programs to boost their skills in line 21st century jobs.

Forum sessions included a number of awareness and motivation sessions that showcased success stories of entrepreneurs who own SMEs, as well as those with distinguished careers in the private sector.

The sessions also gave an overview of the privileges of working in strategic sectors, while offering students the opportunity to learn about future jobs. In addition, the event showcased examples of international and regional experiences, which were presented by a group of leading companies operating in these sectors.

MoHRE gave an overview of its ‘Wajehni’ app that was launched to support its strategy to motivate and encourage Emirati students to work in the private sector. The digital platform offers distinguished opportunities to educational institutions, students and teachers, as well as private institutions, in an effort to increase their ability to support the UAE job market.

“Wajeni” links teachers, educational institutions, and private companies with the Ministry, in order to help students find permanent and temporary employment opportunities, internships and summer jobs.

Also on the sidelines of the Forum, MoHRE signed two memoranda of understanding (MoUs), with the first signed with human resource department in the Fujairah Government, while the second MoU was agreed with the ‘Sougha Establishment’ traditional crafts.

Both MoUs are aimed at enhancing cooperation between the respective parties involved, and were signed by Fatima Al Houti on behalf of the Ministry, while Badreiah Al Debahi, Manager of the studies and institutional communications, represented the department of human resources at the government of Fujairah; and Mouza Al Nasseri, CEO of project development, signing of behalf of ‘Sougha’.

The first MoU that was signed with the department of human resource in Fujairah is aimed at bolstering collaboration in organizing events and career fairs, as well as coordinating cooperation in CSR initiatives and volunteering campaigns that are of interest to the two parties. It also covers partnering on development programs that target job seekers and enable them to find employment opportunities within the private sector.

Meanwhile, the second MoU, which was signed with ‘Sougha’, is aimed at collaborating in the execution of vocational and crafts-making training programs, in order to support working Emirati women to develop their skills and enable them to have sustainable entrepreneurial project. It also targets enhancing their marketing skills, as well as the quality of traditional crafts produced, through organizing training programs and specialized workshops, in addition to promoting their products using social media and the internet.

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