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Sunday, October 20, 2019

MOHRE launches AI supported Virtual Labor Market

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has launched a new version of its ‘Virtual Labor Market’ electronic platform to enable job seekers inside and outside the UAE to enter their CVs and create their own files. Job seekers can also see the vacancies announced by the UAE companies at and apply for these jobs.

The new version of the virtual labor market is an innovative platform for providing employment services to job seekers and companies in accordance with the artificial intelligence (AI) system, said Ayesha Belharfia, Assistant Undersecretary for Labor Affairs at MOHRE.

The use of AI will ease the process of matching the requirements of the jobs announced by the UAE companies with the job seekers’ profiles created and uploaded on the website in an interactive manner, she added.

Belharfia pointed out that the virtual labor market initiative is based on the MOHRE’s endeavor to provide a reliable electronic employment service through an official platform that ensures the confidentiality of information and data and is in line with the standards of the Emirates Government Services Excellence Program, particularly that the website works under the supervision of the MOHRE.

The virtual labor market is easy to use as it was designed in such a manner that simplifies the job seeker’s journey to search for a job that suits his capabilities and skills, she said, adding that a job seeker can access the website and create his professional profile easily to learn about the job opportunities available in companies and hence apply to the appropriate job that matches his profile.

The market would help the UAE companies meet their functional needs, particularly in terms of qualifications and talents, she said, noting that these companies can create their own page to display their vacancies on it and also search the website for job seekers with the required qualifications as per their profiles.

The website enables companies to know how far files of job seekers are aligned with  job requirements and to track the professional development of the owners of these files registered in the virtual labor market based on a smart system, she said, adding that this would speed up employment in a highly accurate manner.

Belharfia called on job seekers and companies to register in the virtual labor market to benefit from the employment services provided by the two parties easily and smoothly.

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