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Saturday, October 13, 2018

“Human Resources and Emiratization”: ‘Tamkeen’ graduates take priority at Career Fairs

The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization (MoHRE), confirmed today that Emirati ‘Tamkeen’ program graduates are to receive priority recruiting during MoHRE’s upcoming career fairs, which aim to promote qualitative Emiratization in target economic sectors.

Organized by MoHRE in partnership with High Technology College (HCT), ‘Tamkeen’ aims to arm young Emirati talents with necessary skill sets to pass job interviews during upcoming career fairs, which will be organized by the Ministry in collaboration with various federal and local authorities.

Fatima Al Houti, Under-Secretary of Human Resources Development at MoHRE, confirmed that work is underway for the second class of ‘Tamkeen’, with the first one including 148 Emirati job seekers nation-wide.

“The program comes as part of a series of initiatives and programs launched by the Ministry, as part of its strategy to develop Emirati job seekers’ skills, to speed their recruitment process in the private sector, while increasing their competitiveness to hold jobs in the private sector,” she added.

Al Houti lauded MoHRE’s partnership with HTC under ‘Tamkeen’, which is set to mitigate challenges and fill skills gaps related to employment of Emiratis within the private sector.

Al Houti added that ‘Tamkeen’ training is based on the results of evaluating applicants’ profiles to identify their training needs and requirements, through a series of assessment tests to evaluate their proficiency in English, basic IT skills and a psychological evaluation to determine professional skills aptitude. She clarified that the aforementioned areas are the main obstacles that face job seekers during job interviews.

She indicated that job applicants are enrolled in special three-month programs designed to address deficiencies, after which they receive certificates of completion.

According to Al Houti, graduates of the first class of ‘Tamkeen’ will be invited to take part in job interviews during career fairs, which the Ministry will continue to organize with its partners in select economic sectors for qualitative Emiratization.

She added that program graduates were given special cards that provide them access to job interviews during career fairs. “These cards, along with English language courses, personal, professional and business skills, and basic IT training, coupled with how to undergo a job interview, will increase applicants’ ability to land the right job.”

“We were also keen to get the trainees’ feedback on ‘Tamkeen’, which showed that they were satisfied with the program,” Al Houti concluded.

Worth noting that the second phase of the ‘Qualitative Emiratization’ initiative had commenced recently, targeting key sectors, including banking and finance, insurance, retail and tourism. Phase two of the initiative, which was launched by MoHRE in collaboration with its local and federal government partners, aims to provide 3500 job opportunities within the target sectors.

In the future, the Ministry plans to continue organizing additional career fairs with its partners across the country in an effort to boost Emiratization in the target sectors.


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