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MOHRE has launched the Innovation E-Portal and opened the Innovation Lab, both dedicated to provide support for creative and innovative suggestions and ideas’ providers in line with MOHRE's Innovation Strategy.

The Innovation Lab comes with an intelligent robot that enables leaders and managers in MOHRE to share innovation teams and attend brainstorming sessions remotely with the need for physical attendance of such sessions and workshops.

The robot contains an intelligent tablet with a high resolution screen that displays a live video of the speakers, and high resolution camera that enables the speaker to see all attendees at the Innovation Lab.

The robot is also equipped with loudspeakers and microphones to enable everyone to communicate naturally and directly with MOHRE leaders, submit their ideas and suggestions, speak clearly, and listen to all discussions and conversations that take place inside such workshops.

The robot is controlled by accessing the intelligent app with an easy and direct mechanism that enables the controller to move the robot in all directions and adjust the height of the monitor fixed to the robot to suit the face level of a normal person in a seated position, thus enabling an easy communication process with a group of people sitting at the meeting table.

The robot is also fitted with sensors to avoid collision with surrounding objects while its movement, plus a high-end accurate gyroscope that enables the robot to maintain balance and smooth movement.