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Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to involve the public in developing and improving its services and policies, topics are periodically raised on the website sharik.ae

Public Consultation on Dealing with Work Injuries and Occupational Diseases

Objective and subject:

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued Ministerial Resolution No. (657) of 2022 on Rules and Guidelines to Deal with Work Injuries & Occupational Diseases, which formed a notable addition to the body of laws and legislations that guarantee labour rights. The decision requires establishments with 50 workers or more to prepare a dedicated system for monitoring work injuries and occupational diseases, including a record of injuries, preventative tools, limiting activities that are dangerous to workers, periodic health checks for workers, and procedures for reporting injuries.


The Ministry seeks to engage and introduce customers to the channels dedicated reporting injuries or occupational diseases through the MoHRE call centre on 600590000, the Ministry's smart application, or by visiting business service centres.


The Ministry aims to ensure a safe work environment free from occupational hazards, enhance the psychological and professional stability of workers, and boost their productivity and efficiency, in line with the requirements of the labour market and business sustainability.


Expected Decisions for implementation:

Developing and upgrading the system for recording occupational injuries and diseases for workers in the labour market, based on feedback from customers and partners, and their needs and expectations from the Ministry. The point is to ensure the provision of seamless, easy, and

reliable procedures for documenting labour injuries and occupational diseases, ensure a risk-free work environment, and promote happiness and wellbeing among workers in the UAE.

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