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Based on the keenness of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to involve the public in developing and improving its services and policies, topics are periodically raised on the website sharik.ae

Public Consultation on the Wage Protection System for the Support Workforce


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented the Wage Protection System for private sector workers since 2009. Employers are required to pay their workers' wages through banks, exchange offices, and authorized financial institutions approved by the central bank. This system aims to provide a secure, efficient, and robust mechanism for timely and simplified wage payments to workers.


In line with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization's efforts to develop the services provided to employers and citizens, and to meet their aspirations and needs while adhering to labour regulations, the ministry has completed its work to cover all categories of workers. It issued Ministerial Resolution No. 675 of 2022 regarding the payment of wages for certain occupations of domestic labour through the Wage Protection System. This marked the launch of the second phase of the Wage Protection System, including the category of domestic labour.The ministry has gradually implemented the Wage Protection System for domestic labour. Starting from January 1, 2023, registration became optional for all categories of domestic labour, and then mandatory for registration and wage payment starting from April 1, 2023, for the following categories only: "Private Agricultural Engineer, Private Representative, Domestic Caregiver, Private Teacher, Private Trainer."


The ministry has called on employers who employ individuals in these professions (employee, sailor, guard, herder, groom, shepherd, falconer, worker, housekeeper, cook, nanny, farmer, gardener, private driver) to voluntarily register their workers in this system. This allows them to benefit from innovative solutions that enable them to easily and conveniently pay their workers' wages within specified timelines while safeguarding their rights to prove the payment process. This contributes to the stability of the relationship between the parties involved.

The objective of the guidance is to raise awareness among employers regarding the Wage Protection System for domestic service workers. It aims to inform them about the optional registration periods and the specific periods for mandatory registration and wage payment for certain occupations. The ministry strives to develop the system of services provided to employers, citizens, and residents in a manner that meets their aspirations and needs, while aligning with the relevant regulations

Expected Decisions of implementation:
The development of the Wage Protection System in the United Arab Emirates and its enhancement involve gathering feedback and suggestions from individuals in the community, employers, and workers. This is done to increase awareness of laws and regulations and ensure their implementation by all target groups. The aim is to benefit from the advantages of the Wage Protection System, raise competitiveness in the labour market, and promote compliance with its provisions

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