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The UAE’s National Cybersecurity Strategy (PDF 18.7 MB) aims to create a safe and strong cyberinfrastructure in the UAE that enables citizens to fulfill their aspirations and empowers businesses to thrive. The updated version of the strategy was launched in 2019 by Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the entity which is responsible for the ICT sector and digital transformation in the country. The strategy is based on various mechanisms and pillars aiming to create local emerging companies in the sector to mobilize the whole cybersecurity ecosystem in the UAE.

MOHRE implements the National Cyber Security Strategy, which aims to secure information and communications in the United Arab Emirates and build a safe and more aware information society. In this context, it obtained the ISO certificate (ISO27001 for information security, maintaining confidentiality, and managing customer information. It is considered an international framework that helps MOHRE protect its financial data, intellectual property, and customer information and enables it to identify risks, manage or reduce the risks of confidential information.

In addition, MOHRE signed a cooperation agreement with the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). Under the agreement, support will be provided by the Computer Emergency Response Team to improve information security standards and practices, protect and support the ICT infrastructure in the UAE from Internet risks and breaches, and build a safe culture that is protected from IT crimes.

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