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MOHRE applies a strategic plan that seeks to transform the job market in the UAE into an empowering attractive market for Emirati talents. This represents a roadmap in managing manpower in the UAE to reach a new phase of development and establish a knowledge-based economy according to the future vision of the government; thus contributing to the government's efforts to realize the objectives of the UAE Vision 2021.

In order to achieve this, MOHRE adopts a comprehensive system of policies, standards, regulatory instruments, institutional partnerships, and excellent services. In addition, the Ministry seeks to realize its strategic plan that includes: empowering Emirati manpower; protecting the work environment; and enhancing the job market, while reinforcing innovation, and providing excellent services—including all administrative services—according to high standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency.

Drafting the general emiratisation plicy

The Ministry is responsible for fulfilling the following key duties: proposing federal laws that regulate labor and labor affairs and supervise their implementation; managing the job market; proposing labor policies well-suited to the UAE; and organizing labor relationships, and in fulfilling its duties the Ministry seeks to establish stability in the market, increase productivity, and create jobs.

The duties of the Ministry also include: drafting the general Emiratisation policy to include more Emirati citizens in the job market and supervising its implementation; conducting field and administrative studies and analyses on the job market; providing career advice and consultancy to Emirati manpower; conducting follow-ups and evaluations of the Emiratisation process in the private sector; supporting small investment enterprises through application of self-employment projects of national manpower; preparing training programs for nationals seeking jobs; coordinating and guiding training and education programs of training and educational facilities of the country; and supervising the assistive services laborers' class according to the governing laws and regulations for such class.

The organizational structure of the MOHRE comprises of two major divisions: the human resources division that includes the labor affairs department, inspection affairs department and assistive laborers department; while the second division is the Emiratisation Division that includes: national manpower development department, national manpower employment department, assistive services affairs department, plus two other department that are directly linked to the office of the Minister: Communications & International Relations Department and Strategy & Policies Affairs Department.

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