Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization Excellence Award

About the reward

Under the patronage of the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization, Saqr Ghobash, the fifth Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization Excellence Award was launched in its new format to chart a path for leadership in performance and to spread the excellence culture.

The award was developed year after year, and as it is now aligned with the criteria of the Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award and the Fourth Generation System.

Awards Vision

Hand by hand toward organizational excellence.

Awards Objectives

  • Improving the performance of individuals and organizational units.
  • Promote the application of modern management concepts that focus on the happiness of Customers.
  • Focus on simplifying processes and procedures, and documenting administrative systems.
  • Motivate employees and encourage them to excel.
  • Create a competitive work environment that encourages innovation and establishes pioneering concepts

Work Plan

Submission Date December 31

Participation Categories

First Category: Leading organizational unit

(Participation is mandatory for all organizational units)

Second Category: Minister Medals

Participation is optional for all Ministry staff except the category of the Service Center Manager

Supervisory Employee

Assistant Undersecretary - Director - Deputy Director - Head of unit – head of Sub-Unit - Supervisor

Service Centre Manager

This category was allocated to all managers of customer service centers in the ministry - Participation is mandatory

New Employee

This category is for all newly recruited staff (newly graduated) in the Ministry, that they are completed for at least 12 months at work at the date of submission of the application for participation

Administrative Employee

Administrative – HR Personnel Officer - Administrative Assistant - Purchasing Officer - Warehouse Secretary - Secretary - Printing Officer - Archiving Employee – Budgeting employee - Financial Assistant - treasurer - account clerk - revenue collector

Technical / Technological Employee

Analyst - Computer Software Designer - Systems Operator - Database Administrator - Technical Control and Control Stations Technician – Engineer

Specialized Employee

Expert - Consultant - Specialist - Researcher - Translator - Editor - Statistic - Accountant – Auditor

Innovative Employee

This category is allocated to all employees of the Ministry irrespective of the job title or degree of those who submitted inventions or inventions registered under their name, whether related to their field of work or outside the framework

Customer Service Employee

Receptionist, Inquiries or Customer Service - Call Center Officer

Field Employee

Observer – inspector

Legal Research

This category was allocated to all legal researchers in the Ministry's staff

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