Innovation Award

Award objectives

The Innovation Award 2016 is launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisaton to simulate a creative and innovative environment to reach pioneering projects within different sectors relates to the ministry’s strategy towards encouraging targeted categories to pursue innovation in general.

Award Categories

Award targeted categories:

Categories standards:

  • Innovative employee
  • Innovative customer
  • Students
  • Innovative strategic partner

Evaluation criteria (the panel has set the ‘innovative employee criteria’ listed in the prime ministers categories as a standard criteria to evaluate the above listed categories).

  • The amount and quality of what the candidates have provided through their innovative ideas, studies, methods, efforts and projects … Etc.
  • The extend of application to what had been suggested from innovative and creative initiatives.
  • Results and impacts expected.
  • Patents, published researches, and compositions registered under the candidate’s name.

Innovative project criteria

Evaluation criteria of the innovative project

(Criteria have been placed as per the ministry’s innovation board throughout the project’s implementation process)

  • An initial study that represents the idea, its objectives, outcomes, implementation methods, expectations, team members, targeted audiences, application plan, suggested resources, and risks.
  • Highlight current and future applications of the idea.
  • Determine the parties affected by the project.
  • Note down the concerned parties.
  • Establish the project’s prototype.


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Innovative employee

One month’s basic salary

70% of the basic salary

50% of the basic salary

Innovative Customer




Innovative strategic partner




Innovative project








 The MOHRE innovation Award 2016 Implementation Plans:

  • August: Launch and marketing
  • 27 October: Last day to receive participations
  • November: Evaluating Participations
  • 22 to 28 November: Announce results and award the winners

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