Social Responsibility

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) plays a significant role in developing, promoting and accelerating the community awareness in order to raise the UAE profile regionally and internationally.  This will be achieved through enhancing the community's participation in both activities and initiatives of the social responsibility.

Accordingly, MOHREconducts annual plans that aims to launch a multi-targeted public, humanitarian, charitable, educational, awareness, cultural, sport, and environmental initiatives to suit all the community segments. In addition, MOHRE positively involves in supporting several initiatives and activities in cooperation with governmental and non-governmental entities, which is in line with the vision of the UAE wise leadership to promote social cohesion and humanity

Social Responsibility Plan for 2013

No. Initiative Name Classification Targeted Group Participants Venue Date
1 Thank You - Main services workers Al-Fattim Group  Construction and Investment Union Company Al-Jalila Hospital building site- Dubai 1st Quarter January
2 Earth Hour Environmental MOHRE staff & community - All MOHRE offices 1st Quarter March
3 The International Day of Health Community awareness MOHRE staff & clients Health Authorities All MOHRE offices 2nd Quarter April
4 Charitable Giving Campaign Charity Community -   Ras Al Khaimah 2nd Quarter April
5 Heritage Day - Community ___ Ras Al Khaimah & Ajman 2nd Quarter April
6 Visiting patients in Al-Mafraq Hospital Humanitarian MOHRE Staff & Patients Workers Al-Mafraq Hospital Al-Mafraq Hospital- Abu Dhabi 2nd Quarter April
7 Awareness Campaign of  Combating Smoking & Drugs - MOHRE staff & clients Dubai Police Dubai Labour Office 2nd Quarter May
8 MOHRE staff visit to the Blood Bank for Donation Humanitarian/ Volunteer MOHRE staff Blood Bank Blood Bank Center - Sharjah 2nd Quarter June
9 Good dish activity - MOHRE staff & clients Beit Al Khair Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Khor Fakkan and Ras AlKhaimah 3rd Quarter September
10 Awareness campaign for weight, sugar, and health Community awareness MOHRE staff, affairs staff, and clients Health Authority - Dubai MOHRE headquarter – Dubai 4th Quarter November
11 Disabled Center visit (Rashed Center) - MOHRE staff Rashed Center Rashid Center 4th Quarter December
12 Blood Donation Campaigns (3) Humanitarian/ Volunteer MOHRE staff & clients Blood Bank All MOHRE offices January- December
13 Our Clean Beaches Environmental Community Ministry of Justice- Al Fujirah Municipality Dubai & Al Fujirah 1st Quarter February
14 World food day - MOHRE staff, affairs staff, and clients Health Authority Ministry of Affairs 4th Quarter October
15 Flag day Community Community Ministry of Social Affairs MOHRE Headquarter - Dubai 4th Quarter November
16 Dress 1 Million Children Humanitarian MOHRE staff The Red  Crescent All MOHRE offices 3rd Quarter July
17 Read More Campaign Community awareness MOHRE Clients - Abu Dhabi 2nd Quarter May
18 Special Needs Trip Humanitarian People of Special Needs - Dubai 3rd Quarter June
19 Colder Summer Campaign - MOHRE staff & clients The Social Empowerment Foundation Dubai 3rd Quarter June
20 Cricket Championship Sports Labours Sprite Company Dubai 3rd Quarter September
21 National community awareness expo Community awareness Community - Abu Dhabi 4th Quarter October
22 The Best Sitter Community Community The Public Library- Dubai Dubai 4th Quarter December
23 The football match between the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation staff and the Ministry of Education staff Sports Staff Al Wasl Club & the Ministry of Education Dubai 4th Quarter December

Social Responsibility Plan for 2014

No. Initiative Name Classification Targeted Group Participants Venue Date
1 Thank You Khalifa Community Community -   Across MOHRE 1st Quarter
4th January
2 Unite for Them Humanitarian/ charitable Center children Dubai Autism Center Across MOHRE 1st Quarter
23rd February
3 Orphans Products Gallery Humanitarian/ charitable Orphans Sharjah federation for humanitarian services - Tamkeen MOHRE Headquarter - Dubai 1st Quarter
12th March
4 First Aid Workshop of Using Fire Extinguishers Training & Education Staff Dubai Civil Defense MOHRE Headquarter - Dubai 1st Quarter
20th March
5 Earth Hour Environmental MOHRE staff & clients - Across MOHRE 1st Quarter
27th-29th March
6 Traffic Week Community Awareness Staff Ajman police Labour office - Ajman 1st Quarter
9th-15th March
7 Cross safely campaign Community Awareness Labours Dubai Police Labours compound - Dubai 2nd Quarter April
8 Blood donation to an argent case Humanitarian Community Blood Bank Dubai 2nd Quarter 5th April
9 World Health Day Community Awareness Community Ministry of Health + Ministry of Environment Al Fujirah 2nd Quarter 7th April
10 Labours Day Activities Community Awareness WorkersLabours - Across UAE 2nd Quarter May
11 Your Health is Our Responsibility Community Awareness Staff & clients Dubai Health Authority Dubai 2nd Quarter
6th May
12 Corona Virus and prevention Community Awareness   staff Gulf eye Hospital + Noor Hospital Abu Dhabi & Al Ain 2nd Quarter 7th & 8th May
13 A community for all (Sign language course customer service staff)) Community Awareness   Customer service staff Sharjah department for humanitarian services (AlNoor School) Sharjah   -
14 Midday campaign activities - Labours - Across UAE 3rd Quarter June – September
15 We are With You Humanitarian/ charitable People with special needs Zayed House for Humanitarian Care Inspection section – MOHRE Abu Dhabi 3rd Quarter June
16 Donation of used school bags for charitable associations charitable Community A charitable Organizations + Schools Across MOHRE 2nd Quarter
22nd -26th June
17 Zayed's Day for Humanitarian Act (Iftar Sae’m) 11 activities Humanitarian/ charitable MOHRE staff & community - Across MOHRE 3rd Quarter
Ramadan Month
18 Dulsco Football Championship Sports Staff - Dubai 4th Quarter

19 Prison Products Gallery Community Awareness Staff & labours - Dubai 3rd Quarter
20 (World Environment Day) Workshop or lecture Environmental MOHRE staff The Emirates Environmental Group Across MOHRE -
21 Our environment, our life Environmental Staff Waste Management Centre + Environment Authority Inspection section – MOHRE Abu Dhabi 4th Quarter
11th October
22 Clean UAE Campaign Environmental Community Local Departments Um Al Qiwin Corniche 4th Quarter
23 Blood Donation Campaign Voluntary Community Blood Bank Across MOHRE 4th Quarter
24 International Children's Book Day   Cultural School ؤhildren - - 4th Quarter
20th November

25 Draw a Smile Humanitarian/ charitable Orphans Orphanage - 4th Quarter
26 Building a Mosque charitable - - - -
27 The Elderly Day Humanitarian - - - -
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